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what term identifies hot, melted rock below the earth's surface?
a) magma
b) lava
c) mineral
d) streak

what are the 2 most common elements in earth's crust?
a) silicon, oxygen
b) oxygen, silica
c) plasma, gas
d) luster

what term refers to the decaying organic matter found on the surface of the ground?
a) humus
b) litter
c) soil
d) morain

what two elements comprise 99% of earths atmosphere?
a) nitrogen, oxygen
b) liquid, solid
c) nitrogen, carbon dioxide
d) oxygen, carbon

what are the two types of igneous rock?
a) intrusive, extrusive
b) foliated, nonfoliated
c) chemicsl, organic
d) oxygen, silicon

what are the two types of metamorphic rock?
a) foliated, nonfoliated
b) intrusive, extrusive
c) organic, detrital
d) liquid, gas

what physical property of an element is determined by dividing the elements mass by it's volume?
a) density
b) mass number
c) atomic number
d) area

what are the 3 subatomic particles and what is their electric charge?
a) proton +, electron -, neutron n/c
b) proton -, neutron +, electron n/c
c) proton n/c, neutron +, electron -
d) proton -, neutron +, electron -

what are the two types of sedimentary rocks?
a) chemical, detrital
b) basaltic, granitic
c) intrusive, extrusive
d) foliated, nonfoliated

what are three types of magma determined by there density
a) basaltic
b) granitic
c) andesitic
d) all of the above

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