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To be a police officers, you'd need to
a) enroll in a police academy
b) get a master's degree
c) attend a trade school
d) drop out of high school

A professional service career might be
a) painting houses
b) selling lumber and building materials
c) teaching or nursing
d) selling shoes

True or false If you prepare for something you get ready for it
a) true
b) false

An apprentice is someone who
a) learns from a skilled worker
b) has a degree
c) works for free
d) helps apes

Merchandise is
a) items for sale
b) only available to merchants
c) pipes that need fixes
d) plumbing tools

Clerical work is usually done
a) in a hospital room
b) in an office
c) on the street

Which worker would NOT be needed to build a house?
a) chef
b) carpenter
c) brick layer
d) electrician

Schoo guidance counselors can
a) Help understand you aptitude test scores
b) tell you what your aptitude is just by looking at you
c) take the test for you
d) do nothing for you

Actvities that appeal to you are
a) activities you don't like
b) activities you know nothing about
c) activities that hurt
d) activities you like

True or false the number of professions and trades gets smaller every day.
a) true
b) false

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