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H2O (Water) is an example of
a) a compound
b) a pure substance
c) a mixture
d) an element

A substance that is all the same throughout is
a) an element
b) a molecule
c) a compound
d) a mixture

When an atom gains or loses electrons, it is called an
a) ion
b) isotope
c) element
d) isoion

The up and down columns on the periodic table are known as
a) Groups
b) Periods
c) Sections
d) Elements

What is the title of your favorite song about elements?
a) Do you know the first 10 elements?
b) Elements Rock
c) Element oh elements
d) We are elements

When drawing an atomic model of an element, what is drawn in the middle
a) protons and neutrons
b) protons and electrons
c) neutrons and electrons
d) electrons only

When drawing a dot model for elements, what do the dots represent?
a) the valence electrons (electrons in the outer shell)
b) all of the electrons
c) the protons
d) the neutrons

What are the three particals of an atoms called?
a) protons, electrons, isotops
b) ions, neutrons, electrons
c) protons, neutrons, electrons
d) electrons, protons, molecules

The left and right rows on the Periodic Table are known as
a) periods
b) families
c) groups
d) sections

When writing the atomic mass of an element, what is the correct label to use
a) Grams
b) Milligrams
c) AMUs
d) Centimeters

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