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Volcanoes form when magma flows out of a surface opening. What is it called?
a) vent
b) crater
c) neck
d) lava tube

What is the name for a steep=walled depression around a vent?
a) vent
b) crater
c) neck
d) lava tube

Sulfurous gases from volcanoes can create__________ _________ killing organisms.
a) acid rain
b) pollution
c) debris
d) bad smells

What is the name for low silica magama producing quiet, non-explosive eruptions?
a) basaltic magma
b) granitic magma
c) intermediate magma
d) andesitic magma

What is the type of basaltic magma that runs down the side of a volcano?
a) aa
b) pahoehoe
c) pillow
d) silica

What is formed when the cone is eroded away leaving a solid igeneous core?
a) volcanic neck
b) crater
c) caldera
d) vent

What process combines with erosion to wear down surface rock and expose igneous features?
a) weathering
b) earthquakes
c) eruptions
d) run-off

What is formed after magma hardens in cracks parallel to rock layers?
a) dike
b) sill
c) batholith
d) laccolith

What determines the type of volcano that is created?
a) the type of boundary
b) the temperature
c) the area
d) the type of magma

What are 2 factors that affect the type of volcanic eruption?
a) amount of gases and composition or magma
b) composition of magma and temperature
c) `amount of gases and temperature of magma
d) amount of water vapor and other gases

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