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What determined the life of the colonies
a) geography and natural resources
b) geography and jobs
c) climate and geography
d) climate and natural resources

Pine and harwood forests,poor rocky soil, short hot summers, long cold winters, and good coastal harbors
a) Eastern colonies
b) New England colonies
c) Middle colonies
d) Southern colonies

Pine and hardwood forests, good coastal harbors, fertile soil, warm humid climate, short mild winters, long summers, and a long growing season.
a) middle colonies
b) All of the colonies
c) new england colonies
d) Southern Colonies

What helps determine the kinds of jobs or economic activities in the area?
a) Geography and Natural Resources
b) geography and climate
c) Climate and Natural resources
d) climate

Rich farmland was perfect for farming. There they grew all kinds of rain and became known as the Breadbasket Colonies.
a) Southern Colonies
b) Southeastern colonies
c) New England Colonies
d) Middle colonies

The mild climate and rich climate and rich fertile soil was great for growing crops. These were developed into cash crops. Large plantations and small forms
a) North Eastern colonies
b) Southern Colonies
c) Middle colonies
d) New England colonies

People settled into villages and cities. Most settlements were formed by people seeking freedom of religion
a) New England Colonies
b) All of the colonies
c) Southern Colonies
d) Middle Colonies

Villages and cities were also common. colonists from many different countries settled here.
a) New England Colonies
b) Eastern colonies
c) Middle Colonies
d) Southern colonies

People were scattered in small groups. Many people lived on large and small farms. They grew their own food, made their own clothes. Very few cities and schools.
a) Middle Schools
b) New England colonies
c) Northeastern colonies
d) Southern colonies

Important cash crops included tobacco, rice, and indigo
a) northern colonies
b) New England Colonies
c) Southern Colonies
d) Middle Colonies

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