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Which command in the File tab enables a user to see how the finished publication will look when it is printer?
a) Page Setup
b) Print review
c) Print
d) Review

What is created to clearly identify the purpose of the flyer and typically appears in large, bold letters?
a) Headline
b) List
c) Attention Getter
d) Tagline

Which feature is used to identify potential problems in a publication prior to printing, sending or saving?
a) Solver
b) Pack and Go
c) Error Assist
d) Design Checker

What is the name of the font that is scalable and produces high-quality characters on both computer creens and printers?
a) Serif
b) True Type
c) Open Type
d) Closed Type

Which area presents information about the prublicationb eing created, teh progess of current taks, and the status of certain commands and keys?
a) Scroll bars
b) Title Bar
c) Quick Access toolbar
d) Status Bar

Which key on the keyborad is used to select nonadjacent objects in a publication?
a) Shift
c) ALT
d) F1

Which area is located at the top left of the word window and provides convenient, one-click access to frequently used commands?
a) Scroll bars
b) Title bar
c) Quick Access toolbar
d) Status bar

Wat feature enables a user to permit text to continue from one area to another?
a) AutoLink
b) AutoContent
c) AutoFlow
d) AutoRelate

Which feature enables a user to point ot an itme in a list and without actually selecting the item see the effect in the publication?
a) List Sample
b) Live Sampling
c) Slect Preview
d) Live Preview

What is the process of interserting text or objects from another source into a publisher workspace?
a) Importing
b) Linking
c) Attaching
d) Bonding

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