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Which software program is a full-featured desktop publishing program that allows you to create professional looking publications?
a) Microsoft Word 2010
b) Microsoft Publisher 2010
c) Microsoft One Note 2010
d) Microsoft Outlook 2010

What is the process of removing a protion of a graphic called?
a) Trimming
b) Cutting
c) Cropping
d) Resizing

When selecting a new file, what is the gallery of small images n the backstage view called?
a) Icons
b) Clips
c) Thumbnails
d) Pics

Which is an object in a publication designed to hold text in a specific shape, size, and style?
a) Shape
b) Textbox
c) Image
d) Text area

Which geature does Publisher 2010 provide to assist a user with the placement and aligment of one object to another object?
a) Guides
b) Handles
c) Rules
d) Grids

Which of the following is a series of lines beginning with a character or symbol that mya be placed in publications?
a) Ordered list
b) Numbered List
c) Bulleted List
d) Unordered List

Which group on the HOme Ribbon contains the commans for controlling text alignment in a publication?
a) Objects
b) Font
c) Paragraph
d) Arrange

What type of pulbication contains objects, formatting options, byperlinks, and other features making it suitable for publishing on the Internet?
a) Web
b) Internet
c) Unrestricted
d) Private

Which of the following is a set of colors that complement each other when used in the same publication?
a) Font Scheme
b) Design Scheme
c) Template
d) Color Scheme

Which abbreviation refers to a file being stored and transferred electronically on a file server for display on teh Web?
a) PDF

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