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What is the area accessed through the File Tab called?
a) Information view
b) Options view
c) Backstage view
d) Backgroup view

Which group on the Home Ribbon provides commands for modifying the typeface of publications?
a) Format
b) Paragraph
c) Font
d) Arrange

What is the appearance and shape of letters, numbers, and special characters that appear in a publication called?
a) Typeface
b) Font
c) Typestyle
d) Lettering

What are two or more characters combined into a single character n order to create more readiable or attractive text called?
a) Swash
b) Drop Cap
c) Ligature
d) Paragraph mark

Which is a defined set of typefaces associated with a publication?
a) Font Scheme
b) Desgin Scheme
c) Template
d) Color Scheme

Which text format option refers to splitting a word so that it does not extend beyond the margin?
a) Resize
b) Merge
c) Fragment
d) Hyphenation

In which area in a publisher publication template can a user begin typing text immediately with a single click?
a) Placeholder
b) Typerscript
c) Image
d) Copy

What is the set of choices, often graphical, that are arranged in a grid or list?
a) Collection
b) Gallery
c) Group
d) Assortment

How are the Robbon commans separated for logical placement?
a) In sections
b) In groups
c) In boxes
d) In submenus

What is the name of the wizard that guides a user through the steps required to collect and package files needed for a printing service?
a) Zip Manager
b) Pack and Go
c) Zip Wizard
d) Print Wizard

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