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What are items such as sounds, videos, and other media files called?
a) Images
b) Graphics
c) Illustrations
d) Clips

Which command found under the File tab is used to save an existing publication with a new name?
a) Save
b) Close
c) New
d) Save as

Whar are the small shapes that are displayed around an object when it is selected?
a) Guides
b) Handles
c) Rules
d) Grids

When text is selected in a publication, which ribbon becomes visible?
a) Text Box Tools
b) Text Tools
c) Text Format
d) Format Tools

What is a decorative largfe capital letter that is typically placed at the beginning of a section or paragraph?
a) Swash
b) Drop Cap
c) Ligature
d) Paragraph Mark

Which feature restores your work in the vent of a system failure but should not be used as a means of saving publications?
a) Autosave
b) AutoRecover
c) AutoRestore
d) AutoReturn

What is the meaning of a red wavy underline that appears under text in a publication?
a) Grammar error
b) Spelling error
c) Format Error
d) Placement error

Which command is used to copy the formatting of one piece of text or ojects to a different piece of text or ojbects?
a) Copy
b) Format Painter
c) Cut
d) Paste

Which of the following is a predefined group of shapes designed in patterns to create a template style?
a) Design Group
b) Design Set
c) Publication Set
d) Template Group

Which geature of Publisher 2010 enables a user to quickly change a picture to a more visually appearling format?
a) Effect
b) Arrangement
c) Caption
d) Style

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