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The positioning of graphics in a specific line of a document is referred to as?
a) floating
b) inline
c) wrapped
d) anchored

Desktop publishing features may be applied in documents using which ribbon?
a) Home Ribbon, Text group
b) Insert ribbon, desktop publishing group
c) Insert ribbon, text group
d) Home ribbon, desktop publishing group

Which feature is used for applying eye-catching, dramatic formatting to text?
a) ClipArt
b) TextArt
c) SmartArt
d) WordArt

A drawing photograph, clipart, chart or other illustration that may be placed in a document?
a) shape
b) picture
c) graphic
d) clip

Prior to creating a table of coentents using the Table of contents command which procedure must be completed first?
a) Apply heading styles to the appropriate headings n the document
b) Apply bold formatting to the appropriate headings in the document
c) Apply italics formatting to the appropriate headings in the document
d) Apply table of contents formatting to the appropriate headings in the document

While in the Insert Hyperlink dialog box, which command must precede and email address to identify the hyperlinkas an email address link?
a) Mail:
b) Mailto:
c) eMail:
d) EMailto:

On which ribbon do you find Page borders?
a) Page Layout Ribbon
b) Insert Ribbon
c) View Ribbon
d) Home Ribbon

Spell check is located on which ribbon and group?
a) Insert Ribbon, proofing group
b) Review Ribbon, proofing group
c) Insert ribbon, comments group
d) Review Ribbon, comments group

To insert shapes into a document the user goes the Insert ribbon and selects which group?
a) Header and footer
b) Illustrations
c) Text
d) Table

To access the Autocorrections the user must go to?
a) Home tab, options, proofing
b) File Tab, options, save
c) Home Tab options, save
d) File Tab, options, proofing

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