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A volcano is an opening in Earth that erupts gases, ash, and ____________.
a) lava
b) magma
c) rocks
d) water

Where do volcanoes form?
a) where plates move together or apart
b) Where plates move together
c) where plates move apart
d) where it is hot

What type of plate boundary has the more violent volcanoes
a) divergent
b) convergent
c) transform
d) sliding

The Hawaiian Islands were formed by what?
a) divergent boundary
b) convergent boundary
c) hot spot
d) transform boundary

What determines whether an eruption is quiet or explosive?
a) silica
b) water
c) water vapor and other gases
d) temperature

Which type of volcano has gently sloping sides and form from quiet eruptions?
a) shield
b) composite
c) cinder cone
d) big

Which type of volcano forms from tephra that falls to the ground building steep sides?
a) shield
b) composite
c) cinder cone
d) mountain

Which volcano is made by alternating layers of quiet lava and explosive tephra? Mt. St. Helen's is one.
a) shield
b) composite
c) cinder cone
d) sea mount

What are bodies of rock formed when magma cools slowly and solidifies before reaching the surface?
a) batholiths
b) laccoliths
c) dike
d) sill

What is the large depression formed when the top of a volcano collapses?
a) sill
b) dike
c) caldera
d) crater

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