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The outer most layer of the Earth's structure is the
a) crust
b) outer core
c) mantle
d) inner core

Which layer of the Earth is made of the crust and the top of the mantle?
a) the lithosphere
b) the asthenosphere
c) the mesophere
d) the inner core

Which layer of the Earth is comprised (made of) plates?
a) the litosphere
b) the asthenosphere
c) the mesophere
d) the outer core

Two plates coming together at a plate boundary best describes
a) a convergent boundary
b) a divergent boundary
c) a transform boundary
d) a plate boundary

Which of the following is most associated with sea floor spreading?
a) divergent boundary
b) convergent boundary
c) transform boundary
d) none of these

Earthquakes that originate where two plates slide back and forth past each other (such as the San Andreas Fault) is an example of
a) a transform boundary
b) a convergent boundary
c) a divergent boundary
d) a transverse boudary

Earthquakes can be measured using several different scale or methods. Which of the following is not one that is used?
a) The pH scale
b) The Moment Magnitude Scale
c) The Richter Scale
d) The Mercalli Scale

In Science, what is the Ring of Fire?
a) An area with lots of seismic activity around the Pacific Plate
b) Mr. W's favorite Song
c) Any area on a plate boundary with a volcano
d) The cause of most of the Earthquakes we experience

Which of the following is not something that could occur after an earthquake?
a) hurricane
b) liquifaction
c) aftershock
d) tsunami

Which layer of the earth do the tectonic plates float on?
a) the asthenosphere
b) the lithosphere
c) the mesosphere
d) the outer core

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