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Which ribbon contains the group of commands used to create a document merge?
a) home
b) insert
c) references
d) mailings

Placeholders taht direct where to insert customiaed information needed to create the final document in a merge are?
a) information fields
b) data fields
c) merge fields
d) combining fields

Which term refers to the item in a merge that contains text and placholders used to create the final merged document?
a) merge document
b) mail document
c) combine document
d) main document

What is the process of combining information from two separate sources to create final documents each with custom information?
a) mail merge
b) document merge
c) combine document
d) word merge

A box that isused to insert text and draw special attention to that text is a?
a) bordered columns
b) text box
c) paragraph box
d) content box

What is the formatting of a page into two or more vertical blocks called?
a) blocks
b) newspaper
c) columns
d) tables

The process of resizing a graphical image is called?
a) adjustment
b) modification
c) dragging
d) scaling

Which of the following is not a common type of graphical image used?
a) gif
b) jpeg
c) exif
d) bmp

What is the name of the ribbon that appears when a WordArt object is selected?
a) WordArt Preferences
b) Graphic Art tools
c) graphical tools
d) WordArt tools format

Graphics attached to a specific paragraph that can be moved to any lcoation in the document are referred to as?
a) floating
b) inline
c) wrapped
d) anchored

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