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The law that states that energy cannot be created or destroyed is
a) the law of conservation of mass
b) the law of thermodynamics
c) the law of conservation of fossil fuels
d) the law of conservation of energy

When energy changes from one form to another, the process is called a
a) morph
b) energy change
c) transformation
d) conversion

Another name for the movement of thermal energy is
a) heat
b) warmth
c) degrees Celcius
d) temperature

The process in which thermal energy moves due to vibrations and particle to particle contact
a) convection
b) heat transfer
c) conduction
d) radiation

During a transformation some energy is always released in the form of
a) kinetic energy
b) mechanical energy
c) thermal energy
d) chemical energy

As the efficiency of a system increases the thermal energy produced as a by-product
a) increases
b) disappears
c) stays the same
d) decreases

Thermal energy is transferred between fluids by which process?
a) conduction
b) heat transfer
c) radiation
d) convection

As the sun's UV rays travel to Earth, thermal energy is transferred by which process
a) conduction
b) heat transfer
c) radiation
d) convection

Friction generates which type of energy
a) kinetic
b) mechanical
c) thermal
d) chemical

Which unit is used to measure energy in the SI system
a) calories
b) Celcius
c) Hz
d) Joules

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