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Which dialog box allows the user to control the lines used for framing and the background color applied to a document?
a) Drawing
b) Lines
c) Borders
d) Borders and Shading

Lines drawn to bisually frame documents, tables, or cells in a document?
a) outline
b) borders
c) margins
d) boundaries

A page background effect may be applied to a document using the commands from which ribbon?
a) Home
b) Insert
c) View
d) page Layout

The repository of information in various locations throughout a document template is called?
a) form content
b) master content
c) content control
d) template control

When starting a document where is the list of available file types found?
a) file tab, new command
b) file tab template command
c) home tab, template command
d) home tab, new command

To shortcut the creation of formatting each new document, which type of file can be selected as the starting point?
a) Boilerplate
b) form
c) template
d) master

FWhich area on the file tab has the command allowing a document to be shared as a blog post?
a) info
b) save and send
c) save as
d) options

Which of the follwing is not an option for sharing a document via email?
a) send as PDF
b) Send as Internet fax
c) send as xps
d) send as text message

The process of reviewing unsaved copies of a file is called?
a) file recovery
b) document autosave
c) managing versions
d) document recovery

Restricting the kinds of formatting chages and edits that are allowed in a document is known as?
a) protection
b) restriction
c) limiting
d) permissions

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