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Which is a description of the biosphere interacting with the atmosphere
a) The Earths forests act as lungs releasing oxygen into the air
b) A volcano releasing gasses into the air
c) A flowing river eroding the land
d) Humans releasing pollution into a stream

Why is Earth considered a closed system
a) Because energy can not enter or leave
b) Because matter can not enter or leave
c) Because both matter and energy can not enter or leave
d) Because both matter and energy can enter or leave

How do volcanic eruptions affect the atmosphere
a) An increase in sunlight and a decrease in acid rain
b) A decrease in sunlight and an increase in temperature
c) An increase in acid rain and a decrease in temperature
d) They do not affect the atmosphere

Why are pyroclastic flows so dangerous
a) They are very fast moving clouds of superheated gas
b) They are very flammable
c) They cause earthquakes
d) They can block out the sun

When a volcano erupts, which would most likely affect someone living far from it
a) Ash clouds carried by the wind
b) Lava flows
c) Landslides
d) Floods

What can scientists predict about earthqukes
a) The earthquake risk of an area
b) How strong the earthquake will be
c) When the earthquake will happen
d) How long the earthquake will last

Which seismic wave is fastest
a) Tertiary wave
b) Surface wave
c) Secondary wave
d) Primary wave

What is the epicenter of an earthquake directly above
a) The focus
b) The moment magnitude
c) The fault
d) The tsunami

Which will cause more damage, an earthquake with a shallow focus or deep focus
a) Shallow
b) Deep
c) Both
d) Neither

The amount of energy released by an earthquake is measured by the
a) Moment magnitude scale
b) Fujita scale
c) Earthquake damage scale
d) Weight scale

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