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A chain of islands
a) delta
b) isthmus
c) archipelago
d) plateau

A bowl-shaped depression in the land, or region that is drained by a specific river system
a) basin
b) valley
c) canyon
d) plain

Triangle shaped are of land found at the mouth of a river
a) tundra
b) lake
c) delta
d) tributary

A large sheet of ice that moves across the land and that forms as snowfall accumulates
a) glacier
b) tundra
c) fjord
d) isthmus

A body of land that is completely surrounded by water
a) prairie
d) island

A narrow strip of land connecting two larger land areas
a) basin
b) isthmus
c) peninsula
d) coast

Land that juts out into a body of water and is surrounded by water on three sides
a) island
b) isthmus
c) peninsula
d) basin

A cold, treeless plain where the ground is permanently frozen
a) tundra
b) glacier
c) archipelago
d) delta

An opening in the Earth's surface, usually raised, through which lava, rock, ashes, and gases are forced out
a) canyon
b) basin
c) valley
d) volcano

A chain of mountians
a) mountain chain
b) mountain divide
c) mountain range
d) mountain ridge

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