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A smaller body of water partially enclosed by land
a) gulf
b) ocean
c) bay
d) delta

Land along a sea or ocean
a) fjord
b) coast
c) grasslands
d) isthmus

A deep, narrow part of a sea or ocean that is between high, steep banks
a) valley
b) basin
c) tributary
d) fjord

A larger body of water partly enclosed by land
a) gulf
b) ocean
c) bay
d) sea

A body of water with land on all sides
a) lake
b) sea
c) ocean
d) gulf

A large body of salt water that covers most of the earth's surface
a) sea
b) bay
c) ocean
d) gulf

A dense forest, usually tropical, that receives at least 100 inches of rainfall per year
a) grassland
b) rain forest
c) plain
d) valley

A large stream of water that flows across the land and empties into a larger body of water
a) river
b) tributary
c) archipelago
d) basin

A body of salt water that can partially enclosed by land
a) bay
b) ocean
c) gulf
d) sea

A smaller stream or river that empties into a larger river
a) tributary
b) archipelago
c) delta
d) river

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