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What action is necessary when saving a document for the first time?
a) A file name must be assigned to the document
b) margin settings must be established
c) non-printing characters must be activiated
d) printer settings must be established

What is the proper method for viewing a document?
a) Right-click in the document area and choose print layout from the shortcut menu
b) Triple-click the document
c) Choose the file tab and select the print layout view
d) Choose the view ribbon and select the print layout options

Which is a method for moving quickly to the bottom of a document?
a) CTRL + Arrow down
b) CTRL + End
c) ALT + arrow down
d) AALT + page down

Which command in the Quick Access toolbar is used to reverse to the last action taken in preparing a document?
a) Reverse action
b) Back
c) Undo
d) Clear

Which Feature corrects common typring errors?
a) Spell check
b) AutoCorrect
c) AutoCheck
d) AutoSpell

Which reference does the spell check feature rely upon?
a) Microsoft word built in dictionary
b) Webster's built-in dictionary
c) The internet
d) microsoft website

Which is not a category in the quick parts gallery that may be inserted into a document?
a) Quick text
b) document property
c) auto text
d) field

Blocks of text or graphics that can be inserted witht he clikc of a button are referred to as:
a) fields
b) dummy data
c) quick parts
d) form parts

To auotmate work which geature appears as a purple dotted underline and offers a button displaying a menu of commans related to a task?
a) smart tag
b) shortcut options
c) quick menu
d) quick part

A graphic that appears behind or in front of exsitn text on the printed pages of a document?
a) imprint
b) watermark
c) logo
d) emblem

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