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What is the name of the feature that offers an optional display showing symbols indicating a tab, space, or use of the enter key
a) Word symbols
b) Nonprinting characters
c) Formatting symbols
d) Formatting characters

Which term refers to the shape of the characters in a document?
a) Font
b) Style
c) Trypeface
d) effect

Which command controls a dcoument's onscreen magnification?
a) Style
b) Font Size
c) View
d) zoom

Where is the zoom control slider located?
a) View ribbon
b) home ribbon
c) status bar
d) title bar

What is the method of dividing a word window into two parts so that different sections of the same document may be viewed
a) split
b) arrange
c) tile
d) navigate

Which ribbon contains the most frequently used commands
a) file
b) home
c) view
d) insert

Which area of word window contains frequently used commands that may be utilized with a sinle click
a) file tab
b) home ribbon
c) quick access toolbar
d) new dialog box

which method is used to insert new lines into a document?
a) arrow down
b) use the enter key
c) use the tab key
d) use the insert key

Which term refers to the blank space that appears around the top, bottom and sides of a document area?
a) gutter
b) tab area
c) font size
d) margin

What is the result of using theenter key on the keyboard?
a) Word wrap begins
b) margins are set
c) a new paragraph begins
d) a tab is inserted

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