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What city were most movies made in the 1920s?
a) New York City
b) Chicago
c) Detroit
d) Los Angeles

Which one was NOT a 1920s film star?
a) Rudolph Valentino
b) Will Smith
c) Charlie Chapln
d) Mary Pickford

What were the first movie theaters called?
a) big rooms
b) silent films
c) nickelodeons
d) talkies

Which of these was a 1920s invention?
a) hair dryer
b) movie projector
c) lightbulb
d) airplane

What is the area in Los Angeles called where films are made?
a) Pacific Ocean
b) Beverly Hills
c) Hollywood
d) Islander

Which movie star died suddenly in the 1920s?
a) Rudolph Valentino
b) Mickey Mouse
c) Charlie Chaplin
d) Mary Pickford

Why was Los Angeles a good area to film movies?
a) it has snow year round
b) it has warm climate and a variety of settings
c) it has movie star homes
d) it gets more rain than any other area of the U.S.

What was developed in 1927 that led to an increase in moviegoers?
a) special effects
b) music in films
c) talkies
d) color in movies

How long were most early movies?
a) 3 or more hours
b) 30 seconds or less
c) all day films
d) just a few minutes

Movies encouraged Americans to have a common _____________________.
a) hairstyle
b) medicine
c) menu of food
d) culture

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