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Which of these is a second class lever...
a) scissors
b) hockey stick
c) wheelbarrow
d) seesaw

The IMA (Ideal Mechanical Advantage) of a simple machine includes:
a) output friction
b) input friction
c) output forces
d) input distances

The efficiency of a simple machine increases when...
a) friction is decreased
b) friction is increased
c) the IMA is greater than 1
d) the IMA is less than 1

Work output is always, ________________, because of friction.
a) greater than work input
b) less than work input
c) equal to work input
d) impossible to measure

A single movable pulley has...
a) an input force greater than output force
b) an input distance less than output distance
c) an IMA of 1
d) an IMA of 2

A screw is a type of...
a) fulcrum
b) lever
c) inclined plane
d) wheel and axle

The thinner the wedge, keeping the length constant,...
a) the greater the IMA.
b) the less the IMA.
c) the more the input force.
d) the less input distance.

A pulley system has an AMA (Actual Mechanical Advantage) of 2. Which of these is true?
a) friction is not a factor
b) force-in is equal to force-out
c) force-in is more than force-out
d) force-in is less than force-out

Which of these is most like an inclined plane?
a) a pulley
b) a screw
c) a wheel and axle
d) a gear

Which of these is true about a single fixed pulley (without friction)?
a) the AMA is greater than 1
b) IMA is greater than 1
c) input force is greater than output force
d) input force is equal to output force

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