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British Prime Minister for most of WWII
a) George Washington
b) Winston Churchill
c) Joseph Stalin
d) blank

Prime Minister of Japan during WWII
a) Winston Churchill
b) Joseph Stalin
c) Hideki Tojo
d) blank

American president who ordered the atomic bomb to be dropped
a) Woodrow Wilson
b) Pres. Truman
c) George Washington
d) blank

British Prime Minister before WWII who was famous for the appeasement policy with Hitler
a) Chamberlain
b) Stalin
c) Wilson
d) blank

Soviet Union dictator who signed non-aggression pact with Germany
a) Wilson
b) Churchill
c) Stalin
d) blank

American President during WWI who had a 14 point plan for last peace at the Versailles Conference.
a) Truman
b) Churchill
c) Wilson
d) blank

Hitler's secret police
a) gestapo
b) genocide
c) popo
d) blank

US General known for Island hopping
a) Robert E Lee
b) Douglas MacArthur
c) Jefferson Davis
d) blank

Against democracy, the human race, dictatorship
a) genocide
b) facism
c) island hoppin
d) blank

Suicide pilots for Japan
a) RAF
b) Kamikaze
c) genocide
d) blank

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