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The ...form displays check box choices, fields for time and price, as well as payment information.
a) Check
b) Order
c) Response
d) Sign-Up

To check a publication for empty frames, text in overflow area, or objects in non-printing areas use the
a) Layout Checker
b) Design Checker
c) Spell Checker
d) None of the Above

___________ is the amount of space from the bottom of one line of text to
a) Alignment
b) Indentation
c) Line Spacing
d) Paragraph Spacing

...are green dotted lines that used for alignment.
a) Layout boundaries
b) Layout guides
c) Ruler boundaries
d) Ruler guides

This button is used to increase the magnification of an object, to facilitate viewing and editing.
a) F5
b) F7
c) F8
d) F9

A __________ preprinted stationery with important facts about a company and blank space to display the correspondence.
a) letterhead
b) memo paper
c) gradient
d) business card

To insert a new page into a publication, press on the keyboard the following keys...
b) ALT + N
c) ALT + N

Which of the following is not found in the masthead of a publication?
a) Date
b) Name
c) Time
d) Volume and Issue Number

...form displays check box choices and fields for comments, and blanks for up to four multiple choice questions and a comment action.
a) Response
b) Check
c) Order
d) Signup

Variations of repeating designs such as lines, stripes, checks, and bricks are called...
a) pictures
b) tints
c) shades
d) patterns

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