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As stream velocity increases, ______________ decreases.
a) stream erosion
b) stream deposition
c) stream saltation
d) stream load

Which of these is most associated with a Mature river.
a) narrowing of the flood plain
b) decreasing gradient
c) increasing rate of erosion
d) increased down-cutting

The driving force of Erosion is...
a) the water cycle
b) evaporation
c) gravity
d) weathered material

Which of these relates to Mass Wasting.
a) slump
b) tributary
c) floodplain
d) saltation

Which terms are most associated with Wind Erosion.
a) discharge, flooding
b) soil creep, earthflow
c) deflation, abrasion
d) drumlin, moraine

As surface water runoff increases, stream discharge...
a) increases
b) decreases
c) remains constant
d) no relationship

As the velocity of a stream decreases, the rate of downcutting by the stream...
a) increases
b) decreases
c) remains constant
d) no relationship

Which rock material was probably transported by wind...
a) well sorted pebbles, small scratches
b) poorly sorted, jagged sand grains
c) well sorted cobbles, parallel scratches
d) rounded sand grains, frosted appearance

Which of these terms are most associated with continental glaciers...
a) hanging valley
b) cirque
c) horn
d) kettle

The greatest stream erosion occurs where...
a) the water discharge is the least.
b) the water velocity is the greatest.
c) the water abrasion is the least.
d) the evapotranspiration is the greatest.

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