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What color did Ford's cars come in?
a) whichever you ordered
b) black
c) metal gray
d) none

How much money did Ford's auto factory worker make per day?
a) 2.35
b) 3.35
c) 5.00
d) 2.34

How did Ford's car help families?
a) they could look rich to friends
b) they had a unique vehicle
c) they didn't need to wash the car any longer
d) they could take longer trips for fun

How long did it take to build a Model T on the assembly line?
a) 3 days
b) 1 week
c) 1.5 hours
d) 8 hours

How did the government begin to build better roads in the 1920s?
a) taxes
b) stealing private roads
c) cutting down national parks for wood
d) forcing cities to build all roads

Which of the following jobs were NOT created by the car's popularity?
a) gas stations
b) motels
c) restaurants
d) grocery stores

What was the first sporting event broadcast on radio?
a) football game between Yale and Harvard
b) New York Yankees vs. Oakland A's baseball game
c) boxing match
d) wrestling match

What company was formed by Sarnoff to compete with Marconi's?
a) Vizio
b) Westinghouse
c) Sony
d) RCA

What was the first radio program ever broadcast?
a) presidential race between James Cox and Warren Harding
b) New York governor's race
c) boxing match
d) baseball game with Babe Ruth

Which companies gave soap operas there name?
a) soap companies
b) women's fragrance
c) sporting goods
d) underwear

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