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Who invented the Model T automobile?
a) Marconi
b) Ford
c) Sarnoff
d) Wright brothers

Which one of the following radio programs wasn't popular in the 1920s-30s?
a) Tom and Jerry
b) The Lone Ranger
c) Laurel and Hardy
d) Little Orphan Annie

Where was Henry Ford's automobile factory?
a) Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
b) New York City, New York
c) Chicago, Illinois
d) Detroit, Michigan

How long were early radio commericals?
a) 15 seconds
b) 2 hours
c) 15 minutes
d) 1 minute

Which man worked for Marconi and had an idea to make the radio for entertainment?
a) Frank Conrad
b) David Sarnoff
c) Henry Ford
d) Guglielmo Marconi

What city did the first radio station broadcast from?
a) New York City, NY
b) Detroit, Michigan
c) Los Angeles, California
d) Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

How did Ford make his Model T so affordable to all people?
a) He used extra workers to make special parts for it
b) He used the cheapest motors he could buy
c) He shipped every car personally to the buyers
d) He used the assembly line

What is the making of many items just alike?
a) factory work
b) homemade
c) mass production
d) mass media

Public forms of communication that reach large audiences
a) Mass production
b) Assembly line
c) Satellite
d) Mass media

Which is one way radio changed life in the U.S.
a) every child wanted to attend the same school
b) laws were passed forcing Americans to purchase radio
c) people wanted to purchase the products that were advertised
d) many people quit their jobs to listen to entertainment

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