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The area located at the very top of the page in a Word document is known as the?
a) margin
b) headline
c) header
d) top reference

The area located at the very buttom of the page in a word document is called the?
a) margin
b) footnote
c) endnote
d) footer

Headers and footers are opened in word document using commands found in which ribbon?
a) Home
b) insert
c) reference
d) Add-Ins

To create links in a document to a web page, a separate document or another part of the same document use?
a) Document marker
b) bookmark
c) hyperlink
d) target

An electronic marker that refers to a specific location in a document is called?
a) document marker
b) bookmark
c) hyperlink
d) target

The location within a document that links conact to is a?
a) document marker
b) bookmark
c) hyperlink
d) target

Prior to applying a hyperlink to as image, which action should the user complete?
a) recolor the image
b) move the image to the center location in the document
c) select the image
d) triple-click the image

Which is not a dcoument that is created using word?
a) letter
b) report
c) spreadsheet
d) memo

When the word program oopens, what is the visbile screen?
a) a new blank document
b) the new document dialog box
c) the open document dialog box
d) the file tab area

When the current line in a document is full, which word feature automatically moves text to the next line?
a) typewriter mode
b) word mode
c) wordwrap
d) textwrap

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