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Feudalism influenced Japan by
a) providing social stability
b) fostering the growth of religion
c) eliminating warfare
d) encouraging formal education

The code of Bushido was intended to
a) help the ruler control his people
b) guide the behavior of a warrior class
c) benefit all the social classes
d) support revolutionary ideas

Carefully drawn calligraphy, Zen gardens, and the tea ceremony are examples of
a) artifacts of Mansa Musa's Timbuktu
b) the accomplishments of the Protestant Reformation
c) early Japanese culture
d) the achievements of Renaissance Florence

Which geographic characteristic is shared by both Greece and Japan
a) navigable rivers
b) irregular coastline
c) tropical rain forests
d) abundant mineral resources

Italy, Korea, Spain and India are similar in that each is considered
a) an archipelago
b) a peninsula
c) a landlocked nation
d) an island nation

Which two belief systems teach that there are spirits in nature?
a) Shinto and animism
b) Hindusim and Confucianism
c) Judaism and Christianity
d) Islam and Buddhism

Which civilization first developed a civil service system, invented gunpowder, and manufactured porcelain?
a) Aztec
b) Chinese
c) Japanese
d) Roman

Which statement about the Tang Dynasty is a fact rather than an opinion?
a) Technical advances would have been greater if the Tang dynasty had lasted longer
b) China's best emperors came from the Tang dynasty
c) The Tang emperors granted government jobs to scholars who passed examinations
d) The culture of the Tang dynasty was superior to that of the Han dynasty

Japanese farmers adapted to geographic features of their country by
a) engaging in overseas expansion
b) growing crops suited to desert climates
c) building terraces into the mountainsides
d) reclaiming land from the sea by building dikes

What was an impact of Korea's geographic location on the history of East Asia?
a) isolating Russia from Japan
b) protecting China from Mongol invaders
c) preventing Europeans from colonizing East Asia
d) serving as a cultural bridge between China and Japan

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