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What are the three methods for moving from cell to cell in a table?
a) use the Home, up arrow and end keys
b) Use the right mouse button, up arrow key and home key
c) Use the table movement shortcut keys, the home key, and End key
d) Use the arrow keys, the tab key or the mouse to point and click to another cell in the table.

The process of rearranging information in alphabetical, numberical or chronological order in a table is called?
a) Organizing
b) Sorting
c) Filtering
d) Moving

Which is the correct procedure for inserting rows into a table?
a) Select a column or row, right-click the mouse and choose Insert from the shortcut menu
b) Select al column or row by clicking the table select button, right-click the mouse and choose Insert
c) Select a column or row, right-click the mouse and choose Insert from the Home Ribbon
d) Select a column or row by clicking the table select buttom, right-click the mouse & choose Insert

Which is the correct procedure for changing the width of a table column in Word?
a) Right-click in the column and choose width from the shortcut menu
b) Double-click the column to enter column edit mode
c) Drag the column border to adjust the width
d) Choose adjust width from the table tools design ribbon.

The location on the horizontal ruler where the insertion point moves when the tab key is pressed is the?
a) Inseration point
b) indention
c) column marker
d) tab stop

The row of dots or other characters that fall between tabbed text is called?
a) bullet
b) tab indicator
c) numerical marker
d) dot leader

What is the name of anexplanatory comment or reference that appears at the bottom of a page in a Word document?
a) Reference information
b) endnote
c) footnote
d) footer

Explanatory comments or references that appear at the end of a word document are known as?
a) reference information
b) endnotes
c) footnotes
d) footers

Features included in word 2010 documents such as tables of contenets, footnotes, endnotes, and captions are found on which ribbon?
a) Reference
b) Insert
c) Home
d) Add-Ins

The part of a word document that has its own page orientation, margins, headers, and footers is referred to as?
a) division
b) section
c) wordpart
d) sector

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