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What is another word for occasionally?
a) sometimes
b) never
c) often
d) every night

If a food is appetizing, it ________________.
a) smells bad
b) looks good and may tastes good
c) is hot
d) is sweet

What is one difference between the United States and Vietnam?
a) girls do not wear shorts in Vietnam
b) girls do not wear hats in Vietnam
c) Vietnam does not have big cities.

How do Kim and Michelle both feel when they go to a big city?
a) scared
b) happy
c) confused
d) sad

What does Kim ride in when she goes to the city?
a) rowboat
b) car
c) bus
d) canoe

Michelle thinks Kim probably
a) works in a big city
b) eats the same food as she does
c) wears shorts
d) helps work in the rice fields

How was Michelle able to understand Kim's letters?
a) She speaks Vietnamese
b) Michelle's neighbor is an interpreter
c) Kim writes in English
d) Kim writes neatly

Where does Michelle live?
a) a small village in California
b) New York
c) Vietnam
d) Ho Chi Minh City

Where does Kim live?
a) on a farm in Georgia
b) California
c) on a farm in Vietnam
d) Ho Chi Minh City

How do people in Ho Chi Minh City get around?
a) by bikes and scooters
b) buses
c) airplanes
d) cars

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