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An energy source that can be replaced within a human life span is?
a) a renewable energy source
b) coal
c) fossil fuel
d) a nonrenewable energy source

A renewable resource which we can grow and turn into fuel for cars is?
a) biomass
b) oil
c) solar thermal
d) natural gas

Which of the following is NOT one of the 3 main energy sources in our country?
a) solar
b) coal
c) natural gas
d) petroleum

What energy source currently provides most of our heating, cooling, and electricity use in our homes?
a) coal
b) geothermal
c) petroleum
d) wind

Electricity using geothermal is produced by
a) using the Earth's heat to produce steam.
b) using waves to produce steam.
c) using wind to produce steam.
d) using the sun to heat water to produce steam.

Using moving air to generate electricity involves using a
a) wind turbine
b) furnace
c) photovoltaic cell
d) dam

Which of the following energy sources is considered a nonrenewable resource?
a) natural gas
b) solar cells
c) wind turbines
d) tidal

In MOST energy producing plants, what is used to spin the turbines?
a) steam
b) water
c) electricity
d) nuclear reactors

Using ground source geothermal energy, you can heat and cool your house because
a) the temperature of the ground is always around 55 degrees.
b) there are hot rocks near the Earth's core.
c) steam spins a turbine
d) there is hot brine water under the Earth's surface

Carbon neutral means?
a) Plants remove carbon dioxide from the air and then goes back when the fuel is burned.
b) Plants add carbon dioxide to the air and when biofuels are burned carbon dioxide is taken out.
c) Carbon dioxide is a neutral compound.
d) Carbon dioxide is a greenhouse gas.

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