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The ocean has the most impact on which of the following characteristics of the atmosphere?
a) humidity and the winds
b) precipitation and carbon dioxide
c) ozone and temperature
d) temperature and humidity

The average weather conditions for an area over a long period of time is the
a) specific heat
b) latitude
c) climate
d) temperature range

Which of the following will decrease temperature and increase rainfall?
a) cities
b) oceans
c) deserts
d) icebergs

What is the main cause of the movement of surface ocean currents?
a) tides
b) thermohaline circulation
c) hurricanes
d) prevailing winds

What effects do oceans have on climates?
a) warmer summers / cooler winters
b) cool summers / cold winters
c) hot summers / warm winters
d) cooler summers / warmer winters

How does most of the heat from the equator transfer to the polar areas?
a) surface currents
b) Conduction
c) Coriolis Effect
d) deep water currents

How heat is transfered within the atmosphere?
a) convection
b) evaporation
c) conduction
d) radiation

How does heat from the ocean water transfer to the air in the atmosphere?
a) evaporation
b) conduction
c) convection
d) radiation

How does heat transfer from the sun to the water in the ocean?
a) evaporation
b) conduction
c) convection
d) radiation

Cold water in the ocean
a) sinks
b) rises
c) evaporates
d) condenses

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