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Ocean surface water temperature depends on the solar energy an area receives due to which of the following?
a) Latitude
b) Salinity
c) Organisms
d) Longitude

As the temperature of surface water increases from 10 C to 30 C, how does the water density change?
a) Increases
b) Impossible to predict
c) Remains the same
d) Decreases

Two factors that affect the density of ocean water are
a) salinity and light
b) salinity and temperature
c) salinity and chemicals
d) salinity and energy

Cold ocean water sinks and moves along the
a) ocean's thermocline
b) icebergs
c) polar region
d) ocean basin

What causes deep water currents to move?
a) upwelling
b) coriolis effect
c) thermohaline circulation
d) winds

One characteristic of the Antartic bottom water that makes thermohaline circulation possible is
a) warmth
b) swiftness
c) high density
d) low salinity

Which of the following factors does NOT control the movement of surface currents?
a) salinity
b) winds
c) Earth's rotation
d) location of continents

Winds and ocean currents move in curved paths because of
a) tidal oscilation
b) the Coriolis Effect
c) refraction
d) the Gulf Stream

Deep ocean currents are caused by
a) differences in density of ocean water
b) continental barriers
c) the Coriolis Effect
d) global wind belts

The warm surface current that flows along the east coast of the United States and transfers heat to England is called
a) North Atlantic Current
b) Gulf Stream
c) North Equatorial Current
d) West Wind Drift

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