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All EM waves travel in a vacuum at _______________, which is approximately 671,000,000 mph.
a) 300,000 km/s
b) 372,599 km/s
c) 1,000,000 mph
d) 300,000 mph

_________ light has the longest wavelength of all the colors.
a) Green
b) Violet
c) Red
d) Orange

Which type of EM wave is used in remote controls to change the channels?
a) Gamma
b) Radio
c) Infrared
d) Ultraviolet

In which medium would light travel the slowest?
a) Diamond
b) Air
c) Water
d) Vacuum

Which type(s) of EM waves have potentially harmful effects to humans?
a) Gamma
b) X-Ray
c) Ultraviolet
d) All of the above

What color is this apple reflecting?
a) Orange
b) Red
c) Blue
d) All colors

Which type of wave on the EM Spectrum is the most destructive, but is used in small doses to treat cancer?
a) X-Ray
b) Gamma Ray
c) Ultraviolet
d) Radio

White light is being ______________________ through raindrops to make a rainbow.
a) Refracted
b) Reflected
c) Reversed
d) Reabsorbed

The distance from any point on a wave to an identical point on the next
a) Wavelength
b) Crest
c) Trough
d) Wavespeed

Height from the midpoint (resting position) to the crest or from the midpoint to the trough
a) Crest
b) Trough
c) Amplitude
d) Wavelength

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