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Which of the following is an example of a measurement of velocity?
a) 1 m
b) 1 m/s North
c) 1 m/s/s
d) 1 m/s

Which statement best describes the difference between speed and velocity?
a) Velocity is speed with a direction.
b) Velocity measures position, while speed does not
c) Velocity is acceleration with a direction
d) Speed is velocity with a direction

Which of the following is NOT an example of a velocity measurement?
a) 2m/s west
b) 5 km/hr
c) 10 m/s/s north
d) 10 m/s north

A migrating eagle flies 7.2 km north over 6 hours. What is the velocity of the eagle?
a) 1.4 km/h
b) 0.83 km/h south
c) 1.2 km/h north
d) 7.2 km north

A dog runs east for 21.25 meters. It takes the dog 8.5 seconds to cover this distance. What is the dog's average velocity?
a) 1.5 m/s east
b) 2.5 m/s east
c) 3.5 m/s east
d) 4.5 m/s east

How long will it take a car driving 10.5m/s eastward to pass a tree located 245 meters ahead?
a) about 14.2 seconds
b) about 17.9 seconds
c) about 22.5 seconds
d) about 23.3 seconds

Which of the following is an example of a measurement of acceleration?
a) 4 m
b) 4 m/s
c) 4 m/s/s
d) 4 cm3

What do Vi and Vf represent?
a) Change in velocity
b) Initial velocity and final velocity
c) Velocity in two different directions
d) The velocity of Object i and Object f

Which unit is acceleration measured in?
a) m
b) m/h
c) m/s
d) m/s/s

Which of the following sets of measurements can be used to calculate acceleration?
a) time and distance
b) time, position, and velocity
c) change in time and change in position
d) change in time, initial velocity and final velocity

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