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The top walking speed of a fly is 1 cm/s. How far can a fly crawling on the ceiling travel in 6 seconds?
a) 1 cm
b) 1 second
c) 6 cm
d) 6 seconds

If speed is equal to distance traveled divided by time which of the following formulas for distance is correct?
a) Distance Traveled= Time/Speed
b) Distance Traveled= Speed/Time
c) Distance Traveled X Speed= Time
d) Distance Traveled= Speed X Time

A balloon rises into the sky at a speed of 4 m/s. How long will it take the balloon to reach a bird flying 52 meters high?
a) 13 seconds
b) 14 seconds
c) 15 seconds
d) 16 seconds

A startled kangaroo can cross a distance of 60 meters in only four seconds. What is the speed of the kangaroo?
a) 4m/s
b) 12.5 m/s
c) 15 m/s
d) 60 m/s

A baseball travels at 150 km/h. What does this measurement represent?
a) time
b) speed
c) position
d) distance

The SI unit for speed is
a) m
b) m/s
c) m/s/s
d) m/s west

In which situation is an object accelerating?
a) A car is parked on the side of the street.
b) A bicycle travels at a constant velocity down the street
c) A rock's velocity increases from 5 m/s to 10 m/s as it falls down a cliff.
d) The velocity of a paper airplane in 2m/s. Four seconds later, the velocity is still 2 m/s.

Which statement describes the difference between speed and velocity?
a) Velocity is speed with a direction
b) Velocity is speed divided by time
c) Velocity is speed multiplied by time
d) Velocity is measured in meters per second while speed in measured in meters

Speed can be defined as
a) acceleration divided by time
b) change in position divided by changes in time
c) change in time divided by change in position
d) change in velocity divided by change in time

Position can best be described as
a) the speed of an object
b) the location of an object
c) the acceleration of an object
d) the time it takes an object to travel from one place to another

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