Midterm Review Question Preview (ID: 1240)

Review Questions For The Exam. Please Pay Special Attention To The Distinction Between Ability And Competence (or Competency). TEACHERS: click here for quick copy question ID numbers.

What is \
a) CPU
b) PC
c) Laptop
d) Main frame

CPU stands for...
a) Common Protocol User
b) Central Processing Unit
c) Certain Procedures Underway
d) Certified Process Utility

Attorney use of technology has been very influenced by
a) Recent amendments to the FRCP (Federal Rules of Civil Procedure) regulating electronic discovery and preservation of e-data
b) IOLTA funds
c) The Multistate Bar Exam
d) State bar admission practices

A thin client
a) Is a small customer
b) Is a server
c) Is a customer with a small file
d) primarily serves as an input and output device on a network with a larger computer that performs more processing functions

A MAC address identifies
a) nodes in a network (by coded addresses)
b) utilities
c) the thin client
d) the ISP

A utility differs from an application in what way?
a) Utilities are the power providers and applications are the uses of technology.
b) Utilities are only on laptops and applications are only on servers.
c) A utility usually deals with background functions, while an application includes task-oriented processes such as word process
d) Utilities spam applications.

A hub is
a) A device that connects networked computers
b) A software program
c) A world wide web address
d) The center of the computer

EULA is an
a) End User License Agreement, a software license
b) A melodic acronym
c) Exit User Largest Application, a shortcut for closing applications
d) Executive Utility Locking Agent, a security program

When choosing IT staff, issues of ___ and ___ are important?
a) Ability(skills) and competency (the thoughtful application of skill)
b) Articulation and competency
c) Agility and tardiness
d) Agility and flexibility

A good law firm accounting program would include
a) A word processor
b) A paralegal
c) A VPN
d) A chart of accounts

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