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The two most common ions found in ocean water are
a) chloride and sodium
b) potassium and calcium
c) phosphate and nitrate
d) magnesium and sodium

Animals that live on the bottom of the ocean are called
a) phytoplankton
b) zooplankton
c) benthos
d) nekton

Fish are abundant in areas where the ocean is upwelling because it
a) causes currents that carry fish into the area
b) brings nutrients to the surface
c) causes surface turbulence that attracts fish
d) changes tidal flow in the area

What is the technology used to map the ocean floor called?
a) laser beams
b) doppler radar
c) sonar
d) seismology

Why is the surface temperature of the oceans more variable than the water near the ocean floor?
a) Most energy is exchanged at the surface.
b) Most animals live near the surface.
c) The water is less dense at the surface.
d) The salt concentration is more variable at the surface.

During which of the following phases of the moon will the tides be the highest?
a) full moon
b) 1st Quarter
c) crescent moon
d) gibbous moon

What affects the Earth's water?
a) moon phases
b) tilt of the Earth
c) Earth's revolution around the Sun
d) Earth's rotation on its axis

All of the following features of the ocean indicate tectonic activity except
a) abyssal plains
b) mid-oceanic ridges
c) seamounts
d) trenches

All of the following are sources of energy derived from the ocean except
a) coal
b) tides
c) waves
d) thermal

What type of current is the Gulf Stream?
a) cold surface current
b) warm surface current
c) cold density (deep) current
d) warm density (deep) current

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