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The moving of people and goods from one place to another is called?
a) Travel
b) Transportation
c) Importing
d) Exporting

A road you pay to travel on is called a?
a) Turnpike
b) Superhighway
c) Interstate
d) Pike

The money a driver pays at a turning gate or pike to travel on a road is called?
a) Bill
b) Credit
c) Toll
d) Token

Deep, water filled ditches are called?
a) Deltas
b) Lakes
c) Rivers
d) Canals

Which railroad hauled boats over mountains?
a) Allegheny Portage Railroad
b) Portage Railroad
c) Reading Portage Railroad
d) Appalachian Portage Railroad

A boat moved by steam power is called a?
a) Tug Boat
b) Steam Boat
c) Cruise Ship
d) Hauler

An engine that moves on its own power is called a?
a) Self-Powered Engine
b) Generator
c) Locomotion
d) Locomotive

A bright clear liquid that burns easily and gives off light is called?
a) Gasoline
b) Kerosene
c) Candle Wax
d) Oil

Bituminous coal burned in large ovens to make a better fuel is called a?
a) coak
b) pepsi
c) coke
d) dr. pepper

Woven fabrics or cloth are called?
a) Textiles
b) Textbooks
c) Texting
d) Quilts

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