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What type of fomatting is used in a Microsoft Word 2010 document to emphasize text using bold, underline or italic
a) Organized
b) Font
c) Paragraph
d) Style

For common tasks in Micrsoft Word 2010, What is the use of a combination of keystrokes referred as?
a) Mouse Shortcut
b) Task Shortcut
c) Keyboard shortcut
d) Command Shortcut

In formatting a document, what controls the variety of fonts, colors, and other visual effects available?
a) Theme
b) Layout
c) Design
d) Style

To change a document theme in order to convey a different look and feel, which ribbon must be utilized?
a) Home
b) Review
c) Page Layout
d) Insert

Which Microsoft 2010 command enables an entire set of formatting chices to be applied with one click?
a) Insant theme
b) Quick styles
c) Design Wizard
d) Layout now

Which area displays a complete list of styles and provides easy access to commands related to styles?
a) Styles window
b) Style selector
c) Style laucher box
d) Quick styles gallery

What are the two types of page breaks available in microsoft word 2010?
a) Instant and quick
b) Automatic and manual
c) Manual and Instant
d) Quick and automatic

What Microsoft Word 2010 feature allows users to organize information in horizontal rows and veritcal columns?
a) Numerical list
b) Table
c) List area
d) Grid area

Which procedure is used to select an entire table in a Microsoft Word 2010 document?
a) Click the table select handle
b) double-clicking the right margin of the document
c) Click the table move handle
d) Click the table area

Which procedure is used to select only a part of a table in Microsoft word 2010?
a) Select the table part using the mouse pointer and clicking on the table border
b) Choose the Select command on the Table Tools Design Ribbon
c) Choose the Select command on the Home ribbon
d) Choose the Select Table command on the Home Ribbon

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