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What happens to population growth in a logistic growth pattern as it reaches carrying capacity?
a) remains constant
b) speeds up
c) slows down
d) none of the above

Organisms are __________________by they get energy.
a) paired
b) separated
c) chosen
d) grouped

What will happen to the birth rate as population density and competition increase?
a) decrease
b) remain the same
c) increase
d) none of these

What would a squirrel and a chipmunk be in competition for in a shared ecosystem?
a) food and territory
b) food and producers
c) food and consumers
d) food and shelter

What kind of relationship would a human losing blood to a mosquito represent?
a) competitive relationship
b) commensality relationship
c) parasitic relationship
d) mutuality relationship

What is the biogeochemical cycle that describes the movement of oxygen within and between its three main reservoirs?
a) oxygen cycle
b) carbon cycle
c) nitrogen cycle
d) water cycle

How often does oxygen cycle through the atmosphere?
a) about every 1500 years
b) about every 2000 years
c) about every 1000 years
d) about every 2500 years

From which one of these items will water evaporate at a different rate?
a) factory
b) humans
c) school building
d) car

Which of the following will not allow the water cycle to occur if it were left out?
a) wildlife
b) fungi
c) glaciers
d) solar energy

What is the difference in the beginning between primary succession and secondary succession?
a) primary succession has water
b) primary succession has soil
c) secondary succession has soil
d) secondary succession has water

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