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What is the water cycle?
a) It is the storing of water under, on or above the Earth's surface.
b) It is the removal of water under, on or above the Earth's surface.
c) It is the continuous movement of water under, on or above the Earth's surface.
d) It is the creating of water under, on or above the Earth's surface.

What are the three main reservoirs of the oxygen cycle?
a) atmosphere, the water cycle and rocks
b) biosphere, the water cycle and rocks
c) atmosphere, the biosphere and the water cycle
d) atmosphere, the biosphere and rocks

What removes oxygen from the air?
a) water
b) sunlight
c) photosynthesis
d) respiration

What is the global carbon budget?
a) It is the deficit of carbon in each reservoir.
b) It is the required carbon level in each reservoir.
c) It is the balance of carbon in each reservoir.
d) It is the required carbon output in each reservoir.

What do you call the predictable changes in the composition or structure of an ecological community?
a) ecological regression
b) ecological succession
c) ecological mining
d) ecological decline

What is biodiversity an indicator of?
a) ecosystem health
b) ecosystem growth
c) ecosystem decline
d) ecosystem location

Which of the following is a biotic factor of an ecosystem?
a) a rock
b) air
c) grass
d) climate

Ecosystems have to have two factors working together in order to function. What are those two factors?
a) trees and biotic factors
b) temperature and abiotic factors
c) biotic factors and living factors
d) biotic factors and abiotic factors

What do decomposers do in an ecosystem?
a) They build up dead matter.
b) They break down decomposing matter
c) They do not help the ecosystem
d) They are parasites on consumers

Ten percent of energy is transferred from one level to the next level on the energy pyramid. What happens to the other 90% of energy?
a) It is stored as fat.
b) It is given off as heat.
c) It is stored as protein.
d) It is used in reproduction.

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