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Which technological tool uses a sound echo to measure distance?
a) sonar
b) submarine
c) ocean buoy
d) robotic probe

Which best explains what happens to nutrients in the ocean as a result of upwelling?
a) Upwelling carries nutrients to coral reefs.
b) Upwelling carries nutrients to the ocean bottom.
c) Upwelling carries nutrients to the intertidal zone.
d) Upwelling carries nutrients to the surface of the ocean.

Which best describes the water in an estuary?
a) brackish
b) frozen
c) fresh
d) salt

Which best explains why estuaries are productive ecosystems?
a) They have high saltwater content.
b) They have high levels of dissolved gases.
c) They receive nutrients from both rivers and the ocean.
d) They receive chemicals from commercial and industrial runoff.

Which characteristic distinguishes an estuary from other bodies of water?
a) plant life
b) animal life
c) salinity level
d) dissolved oxygen

Which characteristic of an estuary makes it a good nursery area for marine organisms?
a) It is located at the mouth of a river.
b) It has a mix of salt and fresh water.
c) It has many areas to hide from predators.
d) It has the ability to absorb water and prevent flooding.

How does sonar technology help scientists monitor the hydrosphere?
a) Sonar distributes satellite images for data collection.
b) Sonar collects information from freshwater organisms.
c) Sonar determines different levels of water quality in rivers.
d) Sonar provides detailed images of small areas of the ocean floor.

Which best explains the importance of estuaries?
a) Estuaries are freshwater areas that support a large amount of living things.
b) Estuaries are areas where freshwater and salt water collide, resulting in a large amount of biodiver
c) Estuaries are tropical areas that support an abundance of life found usually in cold regions of the
d) Estuaries are nutrient-rich areas because they have large amounts of carbon dioxide seeping into the

Which best explains the effects of a hurricane on estuary circulation and salinity?
a) Salinity levels remain the same as before the hurricane.
b) Salinity concentrations stay stable for a week after a hurricane.
c) Surface salinity drops within a few hours of a hurricane passing.
d) Salinity quickly increases during a hurricane and then sharply decreases.

Which would be the impact on the environment if there were no estuaries?
a) There would be a drought.
b) There would be more pollutants in the oceans.
c) There would be a decreased concentration of salt in the oceans.
d) There would be less boating, fishing, and swimming in local rivers.

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