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Which river is important in the development of Chinese civilization?
a) Nile
b) Indus
c) Huang
d) Mississippi

How did the Yellow River get its name?
a) Soil from the Gobi Desert turns the river yellow
b) The first Chinese emperor named it.
c) Soil from the Sahara Desert turns the river yellow
d) a native fish called the yellowfin tuna lives in the river.

How do archeologists know that there were people living in Anyang before written records?
a) They are making a archeological deduction.
b) They found stone tools there.
c) They found a mummy there.
d) They just assume it because people lived in other places at that time.

What makes ancient Chinese civilization different from other ancient civilizations?
a) The invented things that we still use.
b) They made bronze tools.
c) Their civilization has an unbroken history.
d) They produced more great thinkers than other civilizations.

A ruling family could also be called a __________.
a) dynasty
b) clan
c) tribe
d) monarchy

What is wattle and daub?
a) a cooking technique
b) a farming techinque
c) a type of writing
d) a building technique

The Shang Dynasty was
a) China's longest dynasty.
b) China's first dynasty.
c) China's most studied dynasty.
d) China's last dynasty.

China's golden age occurred during which dynasty?
a) the Zhou
b) the Shang
c) The Ming
d) the Han

The Analects are associated with
a) Taoism
b) Sima Quian
c) Confucius
d) Shi Huangdi

Taoism teaches that
a) people should try to live in harmony with nature.
b) you should keep your enemies close.
c) calligraphy is a virtue.
d) the teachers of Confucius were misleading.

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