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What is strong and solid?
a) substantial
b) formal
c) remote
d) frigid

The family moved to their new home in a _____ place far away from other people.
a) remote
b) colony
c) deposit
d) rigid

His father bought him a new toy to ______ for the broken one.
a) compensate
b) resemble
c) solitary
d) huddle

Rules that are strict and not easily changed are __________
a) rigid
b) remote
c) formal
d) frigid

She _________ money in her bank.
a) deposited
b) waddled
c) huddled
d) compensated

Everyone wore ________ clothes to the school dance.
a) formal
b) rigid
c) fascinate
d) feeble

Because the shed was not very _______ it fell down in the storm.
a) substantial
b) formal
c) harsh
d) compensate

He used the ________ to change the TV channel.
a) remote
b) deposit
c) feeble
d) solitary

What is an excuse that is not very believable?
a) feeble
b) fascinate
c) harsh
d) rigid

Their new apartment was _______ bigger in size.
a) substantially
b) formally
c) remotely
d) harshly

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