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Marlo felt ____ after the long, hot 5 mile hike.
a) feeble
b) compensate
c) solitary
d) harsh

What is to walk with short steps swaying from side to side?
a) waddle
b) rigid
c) remote
d) resemble

The football players _______ together to discuss the next play.
a) huddled
b) waddled
c) resembled
d) fascinated

What is a group of animals, people or plants living close together?
a) colony
b) deposit
c) substantial
d) harsh

What is a synonym for interesting?
a) fascinating
b) resembling
c) waddling
d) compensating

The brothers _______ each other.
a) resembled
b) solitary
c) remote
d) formal

What is following rules or doing things in a very proper way?
a) formal
b) solitary
c) substantial
d) frigid

synonym for alone
a) solitary
b) harsh
c) deposit
d) colony

In January the weather turned_____ and we had a lot of snow.
a) frigid
b) deposit
c) rigid
d) resemble

What is rough and extremely uncomfortable?
a) harsh
b) substantial
c) deposit
d) fascinating

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