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Matter is anything that always ...
a) has mass and weight.
b) can be perceived with the sense of sight
c) can be perceived with the sense of touch.
d) has mass and volume.

Mass is ...
a) the amount of matter contained in an object.
b) the weight of an object.
c) the size of an object.
d) the hardness of an object.

The mass and volume of a substance ...
a) are always directly proportional.
b) are unrelated, but neither can equal zero.
c) are always indirectly proportional
d) can exist independently with the other equal to zero.

The mass of an object can be measured using a ..
a) triple-beam balance.
b) spring scale.
c) metric ruler.
d) graduated cylinder.

The volume of an object ...
a) depends on its mass.
b) is the amount of space its matter takes up.
c) never changes.
d) equals (length) x (width) x (height)

If an object with a mass of 16 g displaces 8 ml of water, its volume is ...
a) 16 cm3 (16 centimeters cubed)
b) 8 cm3 (8 centimeters cubed)
c) 2 cm3 (2 centimeters cubed)
d) 0.5 cm3 (0.5 centimeters cubed)

If a tool case with a mass of 18.56 kg is unfortunately lost in space during repairs to the International Space Station (ISS), its mass would ...
a) be zero.
b) depend on how close it was to the earth.
c) depend on how close it was to the ISS.
d) not change.

If you increase the volume of an object, its mass will ...
a) increase.
b) decrease.
c) remain the same.
d) either increase or decrease.

Measuring the volume of a 100 g, irregularly-shaped object that is 20 cm wide is most easily done using a ...
a) triple-beam balance.
b) 100 ml graduated cylinder.
c) overflow can & graduated cylinder.
d) metric ruler.

If the metal lid of a tightly-sealed jar is heated, it is easier to open because its ...
a) volume will increase.
b) mass will decrease and its volume will increase.
c) mass will increase.
d) volume and mass will decrease.

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