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Going to church on Wednesday night instead of going to a game with friends is an example of ___.
a) demographic segmentation
b) benefits derived segmentation
c) psychographic segmentation
d) product usage segmentation

Sponsorships are ____.
a) needed financing sources for universities.
b) recognition for major corporations and smaller businesses
c) illegal in collegiate athletics
d) needed sources of income for universities and recognition for large and small businesses alike

Which of the following statements is false?
a) Sponsors receive exposure on television and on the playing field arena.
b) Sponsorships are relatively inexpensive for large corporations.
c) Universities make a commitment to remain loyal to sponsors.
d) Most sponsors prefer to associate their company with a winning team.

Revenue from sponsors of NCAA sports support ___.
a) expansion of NCAA programs for young people.
b) the NCAA championship.
c) a pool of dividends to be split among the sponsors.
d) a variety of programs, including the NCAA championship and programs for young people.

Local businesses support amateur athletics because _____.
a) the promotion is good for the team and the business.
b) the business wants to be an active part of the community.
c) sports fans will support the business.
d) all of these

Stadium vendors charge more for their goods because ____.
a) these items cannot be purchased anywhere else other than the stadium.
b) goods cost the vendors more therefore they must charge more than other vendors.
c) major sporting events have captive audiences.
d) the stadiums have a captive audience and offer items unavailable for purchase elsewhere

Which of the following is NOT a reason why it is important to be a top-ranked team in college football?
a) In college football, the #1 and #2 team will go to the BCS championship game.
b) Ten of the top teams in the country go to a BCS bowl game and earn millions of dollars for their par
c) The national champion is guaranteed a preseason rank of #1 the following year.
d) Merchandise sold in association with bowl games brings additional revenue for the university.

Which of the following does NOT cause higher prices for tickets to professional sporting events?
a) Professional teams are expensive to operate
b) Higher level of play by athletes
c) More sponsorship revenue than amateur sporting events
d) Owners are looking to recoup costs from expensive new stadiums or renovations.

Which of the following is NOT a perk for a franchise owner?
a) media exposure
b) free meals and travel
c) meeting the president when you win a championship
d) million dollar salary

The amount of money spent on big league sports in the United States indicates ____.
a) intense demand for professional sporting events.
b) that cities compete to land teams.
c) that consumers are not willing to spend huge sums of money on sporting events.
d) that it is more popular that college sports in the US.

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