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A group of individuals within a larger market that share one or more characteristics is called a _____.
a) marketing mix
b) market segment
c) demographic segment
d) market differentiation

A legal right to reproduce a team’s logo in exchange for payment is called a _____.
a) registration
b) handler
c) license
d) certification

To maximize profits, cities with college sports teams must have ___.
a) adequate hotel rooms and restaurants.
b) tourist attractions other than sports
c) shopping areas
d) all of these

What do you call someone who does not get paid but plays for enjoyment, challenge or both?
a) minor league athlete
b) amateur athlete
c) part-time athlete
d) professional athlete

Nike giving uniforms, shoes, and equipment to a college basketball team in exchange for advertising rights is an example of _____.
a) a license
b) target market
c) sponsorship
d) a violation of NCAA rules

Which of the following is NOT a reason why changes within collegiate athletic conferences are made?
a) to increase revenue
b) because a school violated an NCAA rule
c) to increase publicity
d) to get higher quality teams

Marketers have many opportunities in amateur sports because ______.
a) millions of potential consumers participate in amateur sports
b) amateur athletes want top-quality equipment
c) entire families become involved in amateur sports
d) all of these

What is the mission of the athletic licensing and sales office at a university?
a) to protect the use of the athletic department’s name and symbols
b) to constantly update and redesign the logo
c) to ensure that the public can properly identify and associate logos on the institutions marks
d) to protect the usage and ensure the recognition of the symbols

What business may NOT directly benefit from being located in a college town?
a) Joe’s American Deli
b) Herman’s Sporting Apparel
c) Days Inn
d) Ace Hardware

Market segmentation ______.
a) involves looking at the entire marketplace as a whole.
b) involves dividing the marketplace into smaller interest groups.
c) elevates each separate sport.
d) usually decreases the total sales.

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